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Organic Beeswax Lipbalm

While easy to make, lipbalm is a messy process.  We use dedicated tools for this job, because everything ends up covered in wax.  There isn't a lot of tools, so expense is minimal:

This recipe will make around 25 tubes...enough for you, the kids and some to give as gifts!
                                                     A small double boiler.  You can also use a                                                              pyrex cup sitting in a pan of water.
Measuring cup
Eye dropper
Spoon to stir wax

1 ounce pure beeswax
5 ounces organic olive oil (almond oil may be used)
1 tablespoon raw honey
4-5 drops organic esssential oils (peppermint, vanilla, etc)

You will also need containers to put your lipbalm in.  We use traditional tubes, because I always have one in my pocket.  BPA-free tubes are available here:

Before starting, make sure you have your containers set out and ready to go.
Also, put a teaspoon in the freezer..more on that later.

Step 1:  Melt one ounce (by weight) of pure beeswax (we use scrapings and cappings from our hive) in the top of a double boiler over medium heat.  Alternatively, you can use a pyrex measuring cup sitting in a pan of water.  NEVER HEAT WAX DIRECTLY OVER HEAT.  It will catch fire.  Stir until dissolved.

Yummy!!Step 2:  Stir in 5 ounces (by weight) organic olive oil (or almond oil).  Don't panic!!! Your beautiful, smooth melted beeswax is going to instantly transform into a stringy, globby looking mess.  This is normal.  Continue stirring until you get a nice smooth texture.  Stir in one tablespoon raw honey.
Remove from heat.

Step 3:  Remember that spoon in the freezer?
Go get it...I'll wait.   Got it?  Good.  Dip it into the melted lipbalm and remove.  The balm should solidify almost instantly.  Check it for texture.  Scrape some off the spoon and put it on!  If it seems too soft, you need to add wax to the mixture.  If it's too hard, add a teaspoon or so of oil.  Remix, retest and adjust until you're happy.  Remove from heat.

Step 4:  Stir in 4-5 drops of your preferred organic essential oil.  As long as it's safe for human consumption it's good.  It's all a matter of preference.  My favourite is vanilla extract. 

Step 5:  Fill your eye dropper.  Some folks recommend using disposable pipettes for this step, but it seems kinda wasteful.  We don't mind having to wash out the eyedropper afterwards.  Work quickly..the lipbalm will start to set at this stage.

Step 6:  Squeeze the lipbalm into your container.  Note that I'm not the neatest at filling.  My advice is to let spills harden before trying to clean them up!  Fill the tube right to the very top.  The lipbalm will settle as it cools.

Step 7:  Allow to cool for 30 minutes.  Wipe the outside of the containers and snap the caps on.  Label them however you want.

How cool is that?  25 tubes of homemade, organic beeswax lipbalm that will give Burt a run for his money!  Enjoy.

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Diane -- neighbor :) on April 3, 2016 7:27 AM
Hi Christine & Rob.. I find this amazing that this seems so easy.. Me, Tony and the kids all keep lip balms in our pockets...using them all day (addicted??? ) Can I purchase the raw honey and beeswax from you? Not sure of your supply. If not, where would you suggest? No hurry for an answer... you can answer when its convenient for you, instead of me bugging you when you are out doing chores :) Thanks
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