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Urban Homesteading Part 2 Chicken Boots

Chicken boots and other homestead insanities

When we're visited at the homestead by those unfamiliar with our lifestyle, eventually the question comes up:  "Do your boots always look like that?"
Ummm...yup....pretty much.

In an ongoing attempt to explain Urban Homesteading to those not familiar with it, allow me to continue. 
Call them barn shoes, muck boots, yard boots, whatever you want.  We call them chickenboots.
They're the muck covered, clay and manure encrusted boots that live by our back door.
See, living the way we do, your boots are perpetually covered in something unmentionable in polite company.  Yes, we do scrape them off, but they basically spend their lives filthy.  
As you can see by the pic above, just because they're dirty, doesn't mean they can't be fashionable. (No..mine are not quite this colourful).  And yes, we do have different boots for warm and cold weather.  So now we're up to 4 pairs of gross footwear.  Great

Other weird quirks you may encounter when on an urban homestead include things like "clean" gloves and "dirty" gloves.  You might think that work gloves are work gloves...and you'd be wrong.  There are gloves for loading plants into someone's car (generally quite presentable), gloves for handling garden soil, and at the bottom of the pile you have gloves for mucking.  These are gloves that are one step from the waste bin, and sometimes they'll even volunteer to walk themselves there!

The one issue that arises alot, at least for us, is sunset.  Being surrounded by Carolinian forest, we have just about every predator available in Ontario.  What that means to our lifestyle is that we know that every night at sundown we need to be home.  Animals left out for the night around here very quickly become food for coyotes, possums, raccoons or weasels.  

Does the idea of always having dirty boots around bother some people?  Yup

Does the concept of having to plan your social life around putting animals to bed make some folks think we're crazy?  Yup

Do people look at me like I've lost my mind when I ask Chris "hey hon, where are my "good work gloves"?  Yup

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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