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2020 Varieties:


Snowball Cauliflower:  This large plant grows upright, vigorous leaves that curl over and “self-wrap” the pure white heads. This curling only occurs in cool weather, so Snowball is perfect for fall harvest. The 17-20cm (6½-8″) wide heads are smooth, crunchy, and delicious either raw or cooked. Tried and true, Early Snowball has been around for years and has won the hearts of home gardeners and market growers alike.

Long Island Brussel Sprouts:   Historians believe that the ancient Romans first cultivated Brussel sprouts, but Belgium has the greatest claim on this tiny vegetable. Long Island is a semi-dwarf variety, growing to about 24" tall, so it may require staking.  As the leaves on the stem turn yellow, take them off so that the sprouts can freely develop. About four months after transplanting, the first sprouts should be ready. Twist them off the stem from the bottom up; sprouts about 1" in diameter are the most tender. Long Island sprouts freeze quite well.

DiCicco Brocolli:  Productive, Italian heirloom broccoli especially good for freezing.  DiCicco is an excellent choice for extended harvests. Vigorous plants yield 3-4", blue-green heads. After cutting the main head, more side shoots develop, producing many more small to medium-sized heads through the summer. Good for steaming, stir-fries and for freezing. 


Copenhagen Market Cabbage Seed was first introduced by Hjalmar Hartmann & Co. of Copenhagen, Denmark in 1909. W. Atlee Burpee then introduced Copenhagen Market to the US in 1911. This heirloom cabbage has been a popular cabbage since its introduction all those years ago.  The solid round green heads weigh 4-5 lbs and are resistant to splitting. It is great raw, cooked or for making sauerkraut. This variety also stores well and is an early cabbage. (65 days from transplant)

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage Seed produce wonderful early cabbages that is are a selection of the Wakefield Cabbage which originated in England. The small pointed cone shaped heads weigh 2-4 lb. and are perfect for small gardens. An interesting as well as tasty addition to the garden. (60-70 days)

Kale:  Lacinato (aka Tuscan) 
Dark blue-green.  Very tasty as baby leaves, or in the autumn after frost.  Also great for veggie smoothies!

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