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2017 Varieties:

A rare variety of pepper that does well in northern climates.  Very sweet bell pepper that ripens to red and can be eaten when green or when red.  Our go-to for stuffed peppers!
70 days from transplant.


A thick fleshed variety, with sweet flavour and great texture.


STOCKY RED ROASTER:  Rich red Italian pepper with sweet flavour and thick flesh. Perfect for roasting and quite easy to peel afterwards. This beauty is the genius of Frank Morton at Wild Garden Seeds. Frank selected for straight uncrumpled sides, smooth skin, thick walls and deep colour and the result is high yields and great quality. Strong plants bear a heavy crop of 15 to 18 cm long tapered fruits that are 7-8 cm at the shoulder. It is the last pepper to ripen in our zone 5 fields and we look forward to it for end of summer roasted pepper and caper salads. So worth the wait. 

65 days green 85 days red.

Thick fleshed with excellent sweet flavour.  A brilliant orange colour lends variety to salads or stir-fry.
85 days from transplant.

SWEET BANANA PEPPER:  Named for its banana-like shape, this variety bears sweet, mild banana peppers that mature from yellow, to orange, and then to crimson red. Plants fruit prolifically, easily producing up to 25 to 30 pods per plant. Banana peppers are great for frying and pickling, and are an excellent choice for making pepper rings for sandwiches. Great for containers.

75 days.


Developed by Elwyn Meader and introduced in 1965. A very impressive pepper that ripens from green to a dark chocolate purple and deep red inside. The healthy plants produce loads of gorgeous fruit all summer long. Good for short season climates as it is also quite early. 

65-70 days from transplant.


Very dwarf plants grow to 1.5 ft high and are excellent as a houseplant if pinched back from time to time. It will continue to produce small hot peppers all winter long. Does equally as well outside. Great for chili! Originally from Siberia. EXTREMELY RARE.

Scoville rating:  1500-4500

Long, wrinkled, bright red pods.  Great for salsa, sauces or for drying or grinding.  This is what we make our red pepper flakes from.
Scoville scale rating:  50,000

Ring of Fire grows 10 cm long very hot pods. They colour from green to red. The plant is about 60 cm tall and has a high yield. The peppers are good for drying and for making chilli powder or flakes. After about 80 days you can harvest the red pods.

Scoville scale rating:  70,000-85,000

MATCHBOX:  An excellent open pollinated version of Super Chili Pepper. Very productive and early. Does well in pots as well as the garden. Dries beautifully when strung and makes an ornamental and tasty addition to the kitchen. One of the earliest and most productive peppers that I have grown- highly recommended for short season areas! 
(65 days from transplant)

Scoville rating:  30,000-50,000

A very dependable hot pepper. This pepper is not only very early and productive but is also very ornamental. The green foliage has purple veins and beautiful purple flowers. The jalapeno shaped fruit is also a deep purple, almost black, and it ripens to red. An excellent patio plant. The flavour of this pepper is outstanding and I use it in salsa or spicy casseroles. This pepper is about as hot as a chilli pepper, perhaps slightly milder.
Scoville Scale rating:  20,000

FATALII:  There are a few chili peppers as aptly named as the fatalii pepper. Obviously, it’s not fatal to eat a fatalii, but it’s definitely one of the hottest peppers in the world. You’ll feel it from the first bite, and it’ll rattle you to the core. There’s habanero-level+ heat in this unassuming yellow pod, and it’s a heat that lands a fast first punch.  But what makes this chili extra special is what’s behind the quick sting. There’s a unique citrusy flavour that’s simply tasty. It’s the perfect hot pepper for citrus hot sauces and salsas, as well as dishes where lemon or lime is a critical component.  Scoville                                                                      rating:  300,000-400,000

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