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2017 Varieties:
Paris Island Cos: An old variety, one of the best Romaine lettuces, with a nice crunchy texture.
Reine Des Glaces:  (aka Ice Queen)  A beautiful French crisphead lettuce with jagged-edged leaves.
Yugoslavian Red Butterhead: An old butterhead heirloom from a family in Marburg, Yugoslavia.  Leaves are red tinged, with a mild buttery taste.
Bronze Arrow:  A gorgeous red, oak shaped lettuce with exceptional taste.
Nevada:  a bright green, lightly ruffled lettuce.  It's texture is like a butterhead with crunch and the taste is sweet.

Lollo Rossa:  Extremely frilly red leaves are gorgeous! One of the most beautiful lettuce varieties available. Looseleaf type.
We also offer packs of seed:
Baby lettuce mix: a mix of flavours, colours and textures that includes the deepest reds through bright greens as well as a mix of curly, frilly, oak shaped crunchy and buttery leaves.  Quite addictive!

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