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Grilled Garlic Scapes 
Grilled scapes make a wonderful complement to steaks, chops, chicken or grilled veggies on the bbq.  Just the right amount of punch!
1.  Harvest your scapes when they have formed one loop.    
2.   Heat your grill to a medium to low flame.
3.  Wash and dry your scapes. Break off the harder ends {as                 you would like asparagus} and trim off the flower heads.               They’ll burn on the grill.    
4.  Massage the scapes with oil (we use a nice extra virgin olive          oil) and sprinkle with salt and pepper. We like to use a coarse        pickling or kosher salt.    
5.  Grill about one minute per side.    
6.  For extra flavour, sprinkle with freshly-grated parmesan                  cheese.         
7.  Serve the scapes hot with more fresh pepper

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