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Please Note:
1)  Class sizes are limited.  If a course fills up before you sign-up, you can be placed on a waiting list.  Additional dates may be added for the workshop you're interested in.
2)  All workshops are held here at the farm.
3)  Upon receipt of your email to reserve spaces, we will send details for payment.  Payment can be made by e-transfer.
4)  Have a bunch of people who'd like to attend a specific workshop?  We'd be happy to discuss running a private class for your group.

Wood-Fired Pizza:
A class dedicated to making true Italian-style thin crust pizza.  Participants will learn everything from ingredient selection, dough prep right through to the finished, mouth-watering pizza.  We'll bake in our wood-fired oven as well as in a conventional electric oven so you can replicate the results at home.  We'll make Margherita, Carmelized onion and spinach with ricotta.
Sat, June 22, 2019:  11-2
Sat, July 20, 2019:  11-2
Sun, September 29, 2019:  11-2
Cost:  $65/person.  Class size limited to 6.

Introduction to Home Crafting: 
Do you have a sewing machine collecting dust because you're intimidated by it?  Not sure where to start? Ever wanted to learn how to do basic sewing, maybe just to be able to make some neat home-made gifts?  Maybe we can help.  This class will focus on making 2 simple fun projects:  pot holders and a re-usable, microwavable cloth heat pack.  Participants will learn basics of cutting and measuring fabric, sewing and finishing.  Each participant will take home one of each project that they complete during class.  If you have your own portable sewing machine, you're encouraged to bring it so that you'll learn on your own machine.   
Sun. October 27, 2019:  11-2
Sat. November 23, 2019:  11-2
Cost is $65/person.  Class size is limited to four. 

Teas, Tonics, Oils and More: 
This class will focus on a few different areas:  herbal teas, their uses and benefits; making infused oils at home (as well as home-made vanilla extract) and a few home-made remedies to replace store-bought chemical laced products.  We'll make a wonderful all-natural replacement for vapour-rub, paw wax for dogs and more.   
Sun, November 3, 2019:  11-2
Cost is $50/person.  Class size limited to 6.

Introduction to Starting your Plants from Seed:
Learn the basics of growing seedlings!  What equipment you will need, what type of soil and containers to use and the many steps along the way to a successful seedling to plant into your garden!
Sat. Feb. 23, 2019:  11-2
Cost is $40/person.  Class size is limited to 8 people.

Soup's On:
Come out for a fun, interactive afternoon and learn how to make your own nourishing, healthy soups.  We'll cover topics including ingredient selection, prep and storage.  We'll be making: Leek & Lentil; Potato chowder and Sausage with kale.  Everyone will take home soup they made during class.  

Cost is $50/person.  Class size limited to 6 people.

Cut to the Cheese and chill:
Cheese-making is fun, fast and easy, once you know how.  Come out and learn how to make chevre (goat cheese), farmer's cheese and just for fun...Goat's milk ice cream!!
Sat. May 25, 2019:  11-2 
Sat. October 26, 2019:  11-2 
Cost is $50/person.  Class size is limited to 6 people.

Soap making can be intimidating, but with proper instruction and by following basic safety, it can be a great way to remove harsh chemicals from your family's life.  Participants will learn how to prepare cold-process soaps in a variety of scents and using a variety of oils.  Please note that we do use lye and safety equipment MUST be worn.   We will provide rubber gloves.   Participants must bring and wear safety glasses and long-sleeved shirts.  Students will take home a selection of soaps.
Sun. March 17, 2019:  11-2  SOLD OUT
Sat, October 5, 2019:  11-2  
Cost is $50/person.  Class size limited to 6 people.

Pickles & Pressure Canning: Advanced food preservation:
By popular demand, we are offering a class dedicated to pickle making and pressure canning.  We'll cover the basics, while pickling beets, beans and cucumber (season-dependent).  The ability to pressure can food opens doors to the home-preserver that are amazing.  Soups, veggies, even meats can be canned safely for shelf-storage.  We'll cover the basics and provide tips and tricks while canning seasonal produce.
Sat, August 24, 2019:  11-2
Cost is $50/person.  Class size is limited to 6 people.

Christmas Traditions:  New content for 2019!!
At the homestead, Christmas isn't about shopping, running around like crazy or the latest trends.  Join us to learn about some of the things that mean Christmas to us.  We'll be making ginger cookies (a Christmas staple at our homestead), learn how to make an amazing German egg nog, construct a door wreath using cedar branches, and more.
Sat. November 30, 2019:  11-2
Sun. December 1, 2019:  11-2
Sat. December 7, 2019:  11-2
Cost is $50/person.  Class size is limited to 6 people.

Home & Body Care Products:
Want to remove some chemicals from your life?  Our skin is the largest organ in our body and we expose it to a myriad of harsh, sometimes toxic chemicals every day.  This class will teach you to remove some of them by making your own household and personal care products.  Room freshener sprays, vapour rub for decongestion, toothpaste, deodorant, elderberry syrup and more! Participants will take home an assortment of products.
Sat, Jan. 26, 2019:  11-2  SOLD OUT
Sat, November 2, 2019:  11-2
Cost is $50/person.  Class size limited to 6 people.

Backyard Farming:  
Taught in a relaxed, outdoor, interactive environment, you’ll learn how to plan, prepare, plant, and harvest your own vegetable garden, for truly local and organic produce!  With 25 years of organic gardening experience, we can guide you from beginning to end and share many of the tips we’ve learned along the way.  We limit class size so people can ask questions freely and get a more personal experience.
Sat, April 27, 2019:  11-3  
Sun, May 5, 2019:  11-3
Cost:  $40/person, $60/couple (friend, spouse, child, stranger off the street).   Cost includes a Clyde's Garden Planner- one of the most useful resources for timing your plantings and succession planting.  Class size limited to 12 people.

Introduction to Preserving
Learn how to preserve your harvest!  Taught in an interactive, hands-on environment here at the farm.
Techniques covered include:  dehydrating; cold-storage made easy;  freezing; and water-bath canning. Water-bath canning allows you to preserve tomatoes, tomato sauces, pickles and fruits!  You'll learn  which method is best for each veggie so that you can enjoy your own veggies all winter too! 
Sat, August 17, 2019:  11-2
Sat, September 14, 2019:  11-2
Cost is $40/person.  Class size limited to 6 people.

Introduction to Beeswax: 
Stuck for gift ideas?  Why not join us for a fun, interactive, hands-on afternoon.  You'll learn about working with beeswax, where to source supplies and take home an assortment of the products we make during the class.  During this class we'll be making candles; lip balm; a wonderfully soothing body lotion and reusable beeswax food wrap.  This is a great for replacement for plastic wrap!! 
Sun, April 14, 2019:  11-2
Sat, November 9, 2019:  11-2
Cost is $50/person.  Class size is restricted to 6/class, so book early to avoid disappointment.  Email us here at the farm to reserve.

Nothing beats the taste of home-made jam.  Learn how to make your own in an interactive, hands-on session in our kitchen. You'll learn how to make sugar and pectin jams, as well as an all natural honey-jam made with no added sugar or store-bought pectin. Students will take home a jar of strawberry-honey jam. 
Sat, July 6, 2019:  11-2
Cost is $50/student.  Class size restricted to 6 people. Please email the farm if you'd like to reserve a space.

Bread-Making 101
Ever wanted to try baking bread at home the old-fashioned way?
During this hands-on class, you will learn the basics of bread-making without the use of bread makers or mixers.  Topics covered include: ingredient selection; proper tools; kneading techniques, sourdough basics and of course step-by-step instruction.  We will prepare several types of bread and participants will take a loaf home to try!
 Sat, April 13, 2019:  11-3  SOLD OUT
Sat, October 19, 2019:  11-3
Cost: $50.  Please email us at the farm if interested in reserving a spot.  Class size is limited to 6 people, so book early.  

Introduction to Backyard Chickens
Have you ever thought about having your own backyard chickens?  This course will tell you how and help you make the right decision about whether chickens are for you!
Sat, June 15, 2019:  11-2
Cost:  $40

Building a Raised Bed:  
Learn how to construct and install a raised bed garden for your own backyard!  Raised beds are THE way to go to make your backyard garden easy and productive.  Please note:  this is a hands-on course.  Participants will be taking part in building actual raised beds here at the farm.
Sun, April 28, 2019:  11-2  
Cost:  $40

Email to reserve your spot.

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