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Please Note:
1)  Class sizes are limited.  If a course fills up before you sign-up, you can be placed on a waiting list.  Additional dates may be added for the workshop you're interested in.
2)  All workshops are held here at the farm.
3)  Upon receipt of your email to reserve spaces, we will send details for payment.  Payment can be made by e-transfer.
4)  Have a bunch of people who'd like to attend a specific workshop?  We'd be happy to discuss running a private class for your group.

**NEW FOR 2017**
Home & Body Care Products:
Want to remove some chemicals from your life?  Our skin is the largest organ in our body and we expose it to a myriad of harsh, sometimes toxic chemicals every day.  This class will teach you to remove some of them by making your own household and personal care products.  Room freshener sprays, vapour rub for decongestion, toothpaste, deodorant, elderberry syrup and more! Participants will take home an assortment of products.
Sat, March 11, 11-2
Sat, March 25, 11-2
Sat, Oct 21, 11-2
Sat, Nov 25, 11-2
Cost is $50/person.  Class size limited to 6 people.

Backyard Farming:  
Taught in a relaxed, outdoor, interactive environment, you’ll learn how to plan, prepare, plant, and harvest your own vegetable garden, for truly local and organic produce!  With 25 years of organic gardening experience, we can guide you from beginning to end and share many of the tips we’ve learned along the way.  We limit class size so people can ask questions freely and get a more personal experience.
Sat, April 22, 11-3  SOLD OUT
Sat, May 6, 11-3

Cost:  $40/person, $60/couple (friend, spouse, child, stranger off the street).   Cost includes a Clyde's Garden Planner- one of the most useful resources for timing your plantings and succession planting.  Class size limited to 12 people.

Introduction to Preserving
Learn how to preserve your harvest!  Taught in an interactive, hands-on environment here at the farm.
Techniques covered include:  dehydrating; cold-storage made easy;  freezing; and water-bath canning. Water-bath canning allows you to preserve tomatoes, tomato sauces, pickles and fruits!  You'll learn  which method is best for each veggie so that you can enjoy your own veggies all winter too! 
Sat, Aug 19, 11-2
Sat, Aug 26, 11-2
Sat, Sept 16, 11-2
Cost is $40/person.  Class size limited to 6 people.

Introduction to Beeswax: 
Stuck for gift ideas?  Why not join us for a fun, interactive, hands-on afternoon.  You'll learn about working with beeswax, where to source supplies and take home an assortment of the products we make during the class.  During this class we'll be making candles; lip balm; a wonderfully soothing body lotion and reusable beeswax food wrap.  This is a great for replacement for plastic wrap!! 
Sun, Feb 26, 11-2
Sat, Oct 28, 11-2
Sat, Nov 18, 11-2
Sat, Dec 9,   11-2 
Cost is $50/person.  Class size is restricted to 6/class, so book early to avoid disappointment.  Email us here at the farm to reserve.

Nothing beats the taste of home-made jam.  Learn how to make your own in an interactive, hands-on session in our kitchen. You'll learn how to make sugar and pectin jams, as well as an all natural honey-jam made with no added sugar or store-bought pectin. Students will take home a jar of strawberry-honey jam. 
Sat, July 8, 11-2
Cost is $40/student.  Class size restricted to 6 people. Please email the farm if you'd like to reserve a space.

In the Garden with Farmer Bob: 
Bring your children out to the farm for a morning of outdoor, interactive learning.  
Wednesday, June 21, 9 a.m. til 11 a.m.
All about honey!  
Your kids will learn how honey is made, stored and used.  We'll be extracting honey straight from the comb and each family will take home a jar of the honey they help extract!  This class does involve honey and although we'll be nowhere near the bee hives, bees may be in the area.  Anyone with allergies to bee stings is advised NOT to attend.  A detailed info package will be emailed upon request.  This class will be offered again in the early fall on a weekend.
Cost is $30 per family.
Please email for details or to reserve space(s) 

Kids with Kids!

Your little ones can come interact with and learn all about our little ones!  The newest additions to the homestead will be arriving soon and make for a great learning opportunity. Participants will learn all about goats:  feeding; life cycle; behaviour and more!  
Dates for this class are a little in limbo right now, but probably the first and second week of July.  One class will be held on a weekday, the second on a weekend.  Cost will be $30/family.
If you'd like to tentatively reserve a spot, or have questions, please email us here at the farm and we'll notify you as soon as dates are confirmed.

Bread-Making 101
Ever wanted to try baking bread at home the old-fashioned way?
During this hands-on class, you will learn the basics of bread-making without the use of bread makers or mixers.  Topics covered include: ingredient selection; proper tools; kneading techniques, sourdough basics and of course step-by-step instruction.  We will prepare several types of bread and participants will take a loaf home to try!
Sun, Feb 19, 11-3
Sat Mar 18, 11-3
Sat, Sept 30, 11-3
Sat, Nov 11, 11-3
Sat. Dec 2, 11-3
Cost: $40.  Please email us at the farm if interested in reserving a spot.  Class size is limited to 6 people, so book early.  

Introduction to Backyard Chickens
Have you ever thought about having your own backyard chickens?  This course will tell you how and help you make the right decision about whether chickens are for you!
Sat, June 10, 11-2
Cost:  $30

Seed Starting and Seedling Care
Interested in starting your own plants this year? Learn how to plan, select seed, time it right, and care for your seedlings.

To be offered again Spring 2018

Cost: $40. Cost includes a Clyde's Garden Planner- one of the most useful resources for timing your plantings and succession planting.  Class size limited to 6 people.

Building a Raised Bed:  
Learn how to construct and install a raised bed garden for your own backyard!  Raised beds are THE way to go to make your backyard garden easy and productive.  Please note:  this is a hands-on course.  Participants will be taking part in building actual raised beds here at the farm.
Sat, April 29, 11-2  SOLD OUT
Sun, April 23, 11-2 SOLD OUT
Cost:  $30

Email to reserve your spot.

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